Cat Power and Catching Flies

A house cat makes a good mouse/mole deterrent.  We have an abandoned cat that adopted us and promptly had several litters.  She trained each one of them to be a mouser with great success!  Only problem is she likes to bring her catch into the house to show it off, before its dead.


As far as flies go, 2008 was the worst year for flies around here.  We used a fly trap years ago called a “Big Stinky” and it worked surprisingly well.  Especially if you put a piece of afterbirth inside with the water.  It’ll attract flies for acres and kills them dead.  Its amazing sometimes how effective it is, but don’t put it near your home as it lives up to its name.

I found it online here:

But our local feed store had an equivalent that worked just as good.  The idea is to have an attractant in the water so when a fly enters the top it gets trapped and drowns.  After awhile the “bug juice” ferments with fly enzymes and attracts other flies like you wouldn’t believe.  Neat thing about it is when the jar fills up, you dump it into the garden since fly cadavers are high in phosphorus and acts as a fertilizer (but save some of the bug juice when you refill the water). ~ M

Feeding Hummingbirds in the Garden

Our ‘nectar’ for feeding the hummingbirds is a mixture made up of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water – boiled together for 1 to 2 minutes to kill any bacteria and also to help slow down spoilage. Once cooled it is stored in the refrigerator.

We couldn’t believe how many hummingbirds come now we have started to feed them. They seem really drawn to the feeders – perhaps because of the red colour (?) – most of the feeders we saw at the pet shop seemed to have red and some kind of flower motif.


We read that they particuarly like flowering plants such as Columbine, Begonias and Holly Hocks, as well as Fuchsias and Petunias so increasing these in our garden might be a future project!

Hummingbirds can get quite territorial over the food but we haven’t had any problems like that – at least not yet.

Watching hummingbirds is a definite joy.