Healthy Living ebooks sale

We just purchased this bundle of ebooks (and ecourses). Loads of new recipes to try 🙂

I haven’t counted them, but there is supposed to be 80 ebooks (or e-somethings) and I can choose an extra ebook if I want from the page I went through – I can’t imagine ever reading them all but there are several I know I would like. It’s not just food related though, there are also things like alternative health & home remedies, herbal stuff, essential oils, child health – all sorts – but food is where I am at :-). Couldn’t believe that a couple of the courses would normally be $100 each! I was reading through one of the ebooks in the bundle about Gluten Free & Grain Free Breads, Batters & Doughs by Halle Cottis. She says cooking with nut butters create a really moist final product. I absolutely love using nut butters in bread and pasta recipes. Sometimes when cooking with almond flour, the final product can be grainy and soggy. Nut butters are finely ground. The oils in the nuts are released when grinding the nuts into butter. This creates a supersmooth and non grainy final product. They also help with holding together a dough or batter and less eggs can be used when cooking with nut butters. Often a recipe can become too eggy and it is nice to have an option that will allow you to omit an egg or two – sounds something to try.

Another of the books is about nourishing your baby and toddler by Kristen S. Burgess who says when it came to feeding her babies, toddlers, and children, she read everything she could get her hands on. Wanted something that gave details on the “whys” of feeding a baby and toddler – and also gave guidance on “what” to feed my child and this book is the result of that desire to have the resource she wanted, right at her fingertips. The first part of the book is devoted to exploring the “whys” as she discovered them – it changed her entire perception on not just how children should eat, but how adults should eat, too.

Think I am going to be busy for the next few days!

September 2015 update : seems this happens every year – different authors and books to the previous year all bundled together at a huge discount.