I’ve Been Hiding

Hey kids – sorry I’ve been gone so long.

Here’s the latest:

  • Unearthed my old synth and started to play ‘piano’ again (my synth will have to do until I can afford to get a baby grand)
  • Realised that I can’t keep eating all the different ice cream flavours I like  – even if Ben & Jerry’s is on sale
  • Got a fitbit one to count my steps and am wearing it everywhere. Dad got one too and is getting quite competitive.
  • Found I was bearly doing half the amount of steps I should be (most days it is a tad under 6000 until I make a special effort to increase my movement).
  • Accepted that I can’t do everything
  • Plan on running again – want to start a relay team for the July fun run

my fitbit one

Great huh? Amazing!
How’s the time change treating you today?